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How do Element Android TV Boxes work?

The Element Ti8 is a little black box packed with unlimited hours of entertainment and movies for you and your whole family to enjoy! The Element Ti8 is fully loaded with streaming applications that will provide you with hours and hours of your favorite TV shows, sporting events and movies, without ever paying another dollar for cable or subscription streaming services! Stream everything right to your TV on your time without worrying about DVR times and storage! Best yet, the Element Ti8 comes with a 1 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee so you can test it before you decide to keep it!

The Element Ti8 uses KODI to transform your TV into an unlimited streaming machine. KODI is a media center program that allows you to access thousands of movies and TV shows with without monthly fees! KODI searches the web for almost every TV show and movie and brings it all to you from the comfort of your home. Turn your home into an entertainment hub in minutes. No more expensive monthly fees or trips to the movie theatre. The Element E-Z Stream Updater app comes loaded on every Element Ti8 and ensures you always have the latest and greatest streaming add-ons inside and outside the KODI app! The Updater app makes your box plug and play. This means you’ll be streaming all of your favorites quickly and easily!

Unlimited Streaming is as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1 Plug it in image description
Step 2 Connect image description
Step 3 Streaming image description

The benefits of the Element Ti8 are tremendous! Not only are you streaming an unlimited amount of your favorite shows, but you’re saving thousands vs. the cost of cable at the same time! With the Google Play Store loaded on every Element Android TV Box, you have access to hundreds of thousands of apps! This allows you to customize your Element box any way you want it! Other boxes limit what you can do, the Element Ti8 offers an unlimited streaming experience! Ask Rick, the guy in the video below! He was able to stream unlimited using the Element Ti8!